And now my wife can see where I am all the time. And that is OK with me

So I have two wyze cams installed on my ebike and I have been having oodles of fun capturing on video stuff only seen in NYC, I work for UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub, not at the same time, mind you. The problem with this setup is that the fun stops when I get off my bike and run upstairs to deliver a package or go into a restaurant to pickup said package. So that got me thinking, a long stretch I know, How can I have more WyzeFun without having to take my clothes off? How about carrying a wyze cam at all times while I work.
I know it is not a new idea to have a camera mounted on your bike helmet but a goPro will run you up a couple C notes and they look ridiculous.
I happened to watch a YouTube video of a wyze cam being taken apart and I knew I had the solution to my particular “problem” right there and then.
So very carefully took all the camera components out , took some measurements and carved the foam inside the helmet. Then I drilled a hole on the front of the helmet just big enough to fit the camera lense, plugged an eight inches long, angled usb cable, ran it to the back of the helmet where I placed a small power bank, I recommend using one that is at least 5000 mAh good enough to last you 8 hours.
Plug your camera, configure it, share your wyze app with your loved ones, specially the wifey, so they can keep an eye on you, or Not!! And ride safe.


Nice bit of surgery. Are you using a hot spot to provide WiFi coverage to the camera when you are on your bike? I would assume so…

Yes, I use a second phone as a Hotspot, with Mint mobile’s 15 dollars a month plan. I also have two more cameras installed on my ebike. I have an earlier post where I detailed all about it.

Nice app implementation. I would like to see an inside the helmet picture and one showing how the power cord looks in riding position?