Wyze cam on a bike

Here is what you need.
Two wyze cam v2
One powerbank
Gorilla tape
Your daily use phone and an extra old phone you may have lying around with a working SIM card. I use Mint’s Mobile 15 dollars a month service with 3 GB of data, to be used with the two cameras you are going to install on your bike.
Configure both cams at home using your 2.4 Ghz network.
Fire up the hotspot on your extra phone and use the same hotspot name and password as your home’s and voila!! You can keep an eye on your bike.
I ride an e-bike and work as a delivery guy in NYC, so I don’t leave my bike alone for more than 5 minutes at a time, even when it is secured to a lampost or iron fence.
Since I have a basket in the front and back of my beach cruiser e-bike, it is easy to hide the two wyze cams and the extra phone (Hotspot)
Rain you say? That is what the gorilla tape is for!! Wrap the cameras with it and then just cut out the holes for the lense and power cord with a sharp knife.
May not be the most elegant solution, but believe me, you, I may be on the 50th floor or around the corner but I’m still watching my bike on my phone using the Wyze app.