Allow multiple Wifi networks if one fails and allow editing

Hi, I use varied Wize cameras for home and work security and it is extremely irritating that sometimes one or more cameras momentarily won’t connect to the Wifi even if it’s working perfectly for other cameras … this has happened several times with different Wize camera models, even when the wifi signal is strong… or sometimes when viewing live at the app they just disconnect for a couple minutes , just when we need to check something at that instant :rage:,

but sometimes is hours or days that the cameras won’t connect again… and sometimes the only solution is to, once again, add the camera to the app in order to just re enter the wifi settings, even if nothing changed

Also At work we have 2 Wifi networks in case one suddenly stops working , so I have some cameras set to one network and others to the other wifi network… but when this happens it would be So much easier if the camera would just try connecting to the other wifi instead of staying disconnected until we manually do something! If this happens on a weekend or while out town we just don’t have a way to remotely monitor our place .

Sounds counterproductive to have to constantly add cameras over and over again when just an EDIT of the wifi setting should be enough

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, that is handled thru a new topic post in the Wishlist. Go to the Wishlist, search the topics for one that matches your request. If you find one, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request. If you do not find a match, submit a new topic for approval.

In your search, you may find that the Wishlist topic Allow Cams to automatically connect to multiple WiFi networks meets your request needs.

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