Allow cams to automatically connect to multiple networks (multiple WiFi & mobile/cellular networks, etc.)

I have two cameras set up at my job. Now at my job there is no internet or wifi. My boss and I use my phone to tether to the cameras so we can see who was at the job after hours. Now if I don’t come into work, my boss cannot access the cameras with his mobile Hotspot (tethering). Wish there was a way that the cameras can automatically connect to a different wifi connection when one isn’t available.

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Like a fall back network setting. May be able to acomplish w/a GL-iNet Mini Smart router.

There is absolutely no reason you can’t do this now. Just set your and your boss’s phone to advertise the same SSID and password. I’ve never seen a hot spot feature on a phone where you couldn’t customize the name.

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That could work, long as the WiFi sub-net (DHCP assignment) wouldn’t make any diference.

Multiple/fallback wifi connectivity

My mobile phone/tablets/laptops all have the ability to automatically connect to any “known” wifi network. So if I change location, or if one network is unavailable, they require no intervention on my part to maintain connectivity. Many of my “smart” devices (Alexa/Home) can do the same

I have several locations for my Wyze cameras, on three continents. Popping 'round to change things is inconvenient, to say the least. At some locations, I have redundant ADSL networks and also newer higher-speed networks. If one is down, chances are the other is up, but when I set up my Wyze cameras, I must choose one. And the cameras do not offer the facility to “fall back” to an alternative network, so if the chosen network is down, those cameras are dead until I manually change them (on location) or the network returns

I mitigate the issue by using multiple cameras split between the different networks, and plugging everything into manual 24/hr timers that power off briefly once a day for a hard reset (cameras and routers)

But having the ability to save multiple wifi networks and fall back/choose best automatically would be helpful, and seems commonly available in other devices

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Sure but those other “common devices” are all direct user interfaces. Smart cameras are not - they need to be controlled and configured, and without access over a known network, there’s a problem. It’s not insurmountable but it’s not straightforward either. I guess you’re saying you’d like them to seamlessly fail over to additional SSIDs.

Another approach you could take in your situation is dedicating a segment at each location and use one consistent SSID. Then you could relocate the cameras at will.

I probably lack the technical expertise to understand the nuances you identified. I understand there are differences, but I don’t see why a second (3rd, etc.) wifi network configuration can’t be added as an option

My concern is not relocation but network failure. For example, at one location I have a fiber internet connection and a legacy ADSL. The fiber is faster and preferred for my cameras. But it went down recently, so only my older cameras (configured to the ADSL) functioned

I do recall there was an app that allowed a unused mobile phone to be used as a security camera. I wonder if that would have the ability to use the “best” configured wifi available? Given the ability of the phone’s OS to do so

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Y’all definitely need an feature that allows people to used cameras on Data when WiFi goes out

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If the local WiFi is out, the camera has no network connection. If you mean you should be able to connect to the camera if your internet connection goes offline, that won’t work either since you need to authenticate to the cameras using the Wyze servers.

How can I get authenticate to the cameras using the Wyze servers?

By having an Internet connection to the camera.

So it isn’t probably for any cameras to work without when WiFi goes out?

The cameras need a wifi/internet connection at power up to authenticate, but some continue to record continuously to SD card if power remains, but for some reason Wi-Fi is removed.

Rule of thumb is these cameras are very internet signal dependent.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

I have a suggestion for a feature allowing cameras to function without Wi-Fi connectivity for all the cameras whenever people WiFi is out

You’re going to need to elaborate on what “functions” entails. Wyze cams are IOT devices. They can’t do much, other than record to local storage (SD card), without some type of network connection.

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Ok thanks have blessed day

So y’all can’t make it happen without WiFi?

Wyze cams communicate via WiFi. They have a WiFi radio for communicating to the Wyze server or whatever viewing device you choose to use. If you’d like to suggest the cam communicate by some other means, Wyze will need to develop a new model of cam.