Allow connection to wifi network names greater than 31 characters

Your app prevents you from connecting to a WiFi network with 32 characters. This is incorrect.

I reached out to your support to report the bug. They said to submit it as a wishlist item. That’s dumb. But here we are. You shouldn’t have to change your wifi to be 31 characters and reconnect every device in the house.

Instead Wyze should fix the 1 line of data validation code.

There are lots of devices out there that limit to 32 characters (or less) for the length of the SSID. Although not as common as it used to be, I can remember when most devices could not use an SSID of more than 8 to 12 characters.

Isn’t the # of characters allowed a legacy limitation hatched out of the 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit days? Are we still living in those times?

Yea. It’d make sense for Wyze to make it 16 or 32. But to make it 31, it’s just laziness.

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Somebody couldn’t count all the * ! :joy:

Lazy! That’s funny! :rofl:

Probably coded it for 32 but instead of ≤ 32, didn’t know the difference and hit <32!

I have 256 bit auto generated passwords. Glad my SSID wasn’t too long: “NOT YOUR EFFING WIFI”!