Is 8 charcter password all ASCI?

I am getting an error that my password is not long enough, it is 8 characters but one is a bang (!) I’m not changing the PW and updating all my other devices just cause of this. Help?

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This a a new thing with Wyze. I was helping a family member setup some Wyze plugs about 2 months ago. Then I came back 2-3 weeks later to help them setup another plug and it came up with the same thing! @WyzeGwendolyn is this a new thing? Is there any way to bypass this?

I am brand new but this feels like a bug

Do you mean the password to your Wyze account or the password to your WiFi?

It was my Wifi PW. Apparently according to Wyza even my emails are too short, my first response bounced because of the LOL!!! here is the bounced email just cause it is so appropriate.

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The e-mail thing is trivial but the password length thing could be a bug. 8-63 characters is the general convention for WPA2, but more importantly, Wyze should be content to accept any or NO SSID encryption key if the user’s network is set that way.

If your wireless key works with all your other devices, it sure should work with the camera.

I just tested by creating a network with a short password and it excepted it in the bata app.

When using the regular app it shows a pop up notification on the app so I don’t think it’s a bug.

Well then call it a mistake then. Wyze can’t dictate how secure your network has to be! (Not to mention that password length is only a small part of your security posture.). They had best classify it as a bug and fix it ASAP.

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I’ll bring this up with the team and make sure this is as intended!

We have conversations around such topics every so often. One of the key points that comes up is whether we should be considered responsible for/encourage weaker security practices with our customers. This is a frequent discussion when it comes to smart home companies and I personally can’t say if any of us have the answer yet. But if we don’t end up changing this, that would likely be why.


Thank you for looking into this. There are many situations where someone might want to use WyzeCams on an open WiFi network. In my opinion you are doing your customers a big disservice. Make your own services as stringent as you like - require 20 character user passwords and require two factor / multifactor authentication if you want. But don’t dictate how someone’s network must be configured… especially if they already have a house full of 50 smart switches and Alexas and laptops and Chromecasts and Rokus etc., etc., that all must suddenly get reconfigured because an InfoSec intern at Wyze had a bright idea.

Speaking of bright ideas from interns, is that space heater gag for real?


I get where you are coming from. But our legal beagles insist on passwords of a minimum length and complexity on clients/customers WiFi.

This is because we have been sued by customers when their info was breached because we allowed them to run our product on an insecure network.

Now our product only exposes audio. But a camera inside your home, say your bedroom, is about as personal as it gets.

The US is the single most litigious society in the world. While you and I say something is silly some attorney somewhere is figuring out how to Sue a company.

So like most companies, in order to keep our various insurance covers at as low a cost as possible we follow the lawyers advice. After all it’s what we pay them for.

Do we loose customers? Yep, but a lot fewer than you think. And the lost revenue is minor compared to one protracted lawsuit even if we prevailed.


When researching this please use exclamation point as one of the characters in the test, I know this sounds very specific but that’s the exact situation. Thanks.


Usually it’s a combination of criteria. And honestly the criteria is often wrong or Ill conceived.


Yeah I’ll never forgive him for giving away my password.


We are considering a space heater to go with the thermostat. :slight_smile:


@WILLIAM.TOOGOOD, could you please tell me what app version and OS you’re using? We tried to replicate this but couldn’t yet. We’re treating this as a bug. :slight_smile:

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Gladly. iOs 13.1.2

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Thank you! What Wyze app version are you using?

Wyze V2.11.41

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@Brlepage was able to replicate above so perhaps he or she can report version numbers too…

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