Suggest strong password fails on reset

I added some new cameras and doorbell today. Thought after setting things up that it would be a good time to randomize my password and add it to my password manager. NOT A GOOD IDEA.
I had Google fill in a random password by having it “Suggest strong password.” It ticked all the checkboxes in the requirements. I saved the password to the password manager. Login. INVALID PASSWORD.
Great. Clicked forgot password. Reset the password. Created another random password. Verified the password entered matched what’s in the password locker. Login in again. INVALID PASSWORD. Locked out, too many attempts, must wait 15 minutes. I’m getting frustrated. Repeated this at least four times between the web and app thinking Wyze just needed to sync passwords across its cloud servers.
Reset password, but using a less secure password with a pattern. LOGIN WORKS. Authenticated using 2FA, and now back into my account. Aren’t we supposed to be using a more secure system May 30th? I’m at a loss.

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Could the password length have been too long? Maybe it doesn’t like a certain special character?

I found one system did not accept hyphens and periods but would accept question mark. I use a Bitwarden generated password with no issue for Wyze. I hope I can login later today.

I have run into similar problems on various systems. Almost everyone will tell you the minimum character count and use of different character types - but almost no one will tell you the maximum or what special characters are NOT allowed. In most cases, if you enter an invalid character when changing your password, the new password will be rejected, HOWEVER if you enter too long of a password, it will simply be truncated without telling you. In other words, if you enter a 26 character password and they limit it to 20 characters, the system will only accept the first 20 characters and then ignore the rest, so the password gets saved as 20 characters. I have notes in my password manager for several systems that I had to figure out what they did not like so that I don’t have the same problem in the future. I looked and do not have any such notes for my Wyze account, but my Wyze password is not all that hideous (but does have upper, lower, numbers, & punctuation).

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Yikes! I haven’t encountered that situation before.

Can you still login with the password truncated?

Usually not because you entered a 26 character password and the system stored was only the first 20 characters.

Thanks. I wondered if it truncated all entries. I originally assumed that.

Good to know.

Might - in which case you would never know there was an issue. Most likely not however.

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