Account/App password requirements

About a month ago I set up my account pw on my Windows10 laptop with 20, gibberish ASCII characters and I had NO account / app login issues. With the recent login issues, I read that only 8-16 are allowed.
What are the allowed pw requirements? Can I use any of the full ASCII set of characters?

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I personally use 30 characters consisting of upper and lower case alpha numbers and common symbols. Not sure what the actual limits are myself. Would be good to know.

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@dieter Wyze account password must be a minimum of eight characters long .

8 is the minimum characters needed and by my experience using at least 20 to 30 characters in your password shouldn’t be a problem.


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It is for me! Just memorizing them is a problem, Then trying to type them in, (especially if you cannot view the password field in plain text) can be a nightmare!!

Believe it or not the following is actually a very secure and easy to remember password:


Where this password is not very secure and easy for a computer to guess;


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Memory is actually less of a problem than typing skills. I look forward to retinal scans.

I am holding out for DNA scans combined with Belly Button prints. Very secure!

Thanks for the PW suggestions, I’ll stick with a long cryptic pw and a password manager.

I use and love 1Password myself. Password managers are life and sanity savers if you ask me.

I agree 100% with using a password manager that can be used to:

  1. Generate very strong, long, random passwords
  2. Save and keep track of all your passwords
  3. Encrypt all your information/passwords
  4. Enter your passwords automatically on web sites and in mobile apps

These days, everybody should be using a password manager. 1Password is a good one and there are others.

My password manager of choice is the free and open-source Bitwarden.

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I have not tried that one yet. Have to give it a peak.

I think I’ve mentioned this before on here.

Some random digits. A random verb. A random noun.


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Well I took a good hard look at Bitwarden, I was paying 3.99 a month for 1Password and so far as I can tell Bitwarden had most of the same feature set at 0. If you pay 10 a year for Bitwarden it adds a few reporting features that are handy. So I have set my 1Password subscription to expire and am adopting Bitwarden thanks to your mention.

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I’m glad you like it and you will even save money. Good deal. :+1:

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The past week or so I’ve been testing Bitwarden as a replacement for LastPass. The main reason is because of the open source nature of BitWarden. So far so good except LastPass seem to integrate into IOS and Windows better, but that might be some settings I can play with.

I just made the switch from 1Password to Bitwarden myself. I have an iPhone and iPad and MacBook Pro and so far the iOS integration has been on par. I did pay the 10 dollars to get the integrated breach searching and other metrics. Excellent value!

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