Wyze Bulb Firmware Released!

We released Wyze Bulb firmware today! Firmware version raises the maximum SSID length for bulb setup from 25 to 31 characters. :bulb:

You can find our release notes here:


But now all of my bulbs are just bulbs (not Wyze at all) and nothing is happening in the app.

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close out of the app completely and go back in and check to see if the update took. sometimes, for whatever reason, it says failed and when you check again, it did in fact update. let us know if it took or really did fail.


Sorry about the trouble, Stonewall! Are you still having trouble with your Wyze Bulbs?

Things are momentarily back to normal. Thanks for checking.


Kurt Lyon


Good afternoon, I’m experiencing the same issue. When trying to update it says “Update Failed” and cant control the bulb anymore. I close the app and retry several times and the same issue. Is there any fix to this

You’re welcome, Kurt! :slight_smile:

@jrivera2002, I’m sorry to hear that. I’d recommend contacting our support team about this problem. Support Request Form

I use a WiFi SSID that has 32 characters and have many devices already connected to this WiFi. The Wyze bulb should accept an SSID that has 32 characters instead of limiting it to only 31 characters. Another update is needed.