All the product updates announced during the Wyzies

Some comments were deleted or edited that were not contributing to the discussion. A reminder for all to keep comments within the Community Guidelines. The section below is from the Community Guidelines.

Sometimes We Disagree And That’s Okay

Sometimes we will disagree on topics. You may even think that the other person is outright wrong! That’s just part of being human talking to other humans. But when you respond, remember to criticize ideas, not people . Please avoid:

** Name-calling*
** Ad hominem attacks (personal attacks instead of discussing content of a post)*
** Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content*
** Knee-jerk contradiction*

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that focus on the ideas instead of the person. If someone has something negative to say about Wyze or our products, there’s likely a reason for that. Just tag in a mod or admin to make sure that the feedback goes where it needs to and we have an opportunity to consider and respond to what they’re saying.