ALL Smart Detection Just Stopped Working!

Stopped working around 1930 UTC -0700. All Cameras Affected. Cannot activate Smart Detection. Asks to add Subscription Plan. Already have Active Plan showing active on all Cameras.

Tried deleting a camera from the Plan, and re-adding it, no dice .

Restarted; no dice .

Deleted App Cache; no dice.

Happened once before within the last few weeks. I couldn’t get Smart Detection to Activate. Updated App, started working.

The last time it happened I didn’t notice for a full day! Sucks looking for Events manually off the SD Card!

No updates this time. No dice.

Wyze Status shows no issues.


Anyone else seeing the same thing?

Not seeing the issue, but log out of your app, restart your phone or tablet, then log back in.

Make sure you know your password and 2FA info before logging out.

This has worked in the past


Thanks for the reply. I ended up Deleting the App and Reinstalling it. That worked. Not sure why, but it did.


I am not getting person notifications either! Guess I have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

I really wish they would FINALLY fix their janky system!!!