All devices are offline

Can you view the live feed? Are the cameras recording events? If no, you will need to power cycle them. You should purchase either some smart plugs or a timer so that they can be rebooted.

Yes I can view live feed and events I just can’t control the cameras from the app. I already had to put a smart plug on the Pan Cam so now I have to spend more money for more plugs. Wyze needs to come up with a way to recycle remotely when the app says device is offline, but it’s still providing live feed.

This sounds like the device is actually offline - as in either powered off or no connectivity to the hub. If that’s the case there is no solution for remotely managing.

You’d need to contact someone at the site and inspect the cams.

This means the cameras are online and at least providing some function. There is a bug in one of the firmware versions that causes this. Unfortunately, the only thing that corrects it in the meantime is to remove and re-apply power. Not sure which version of the firmware (if any at this point) actually corrects the issue.

I have 13 cameras between two locations and these are the only two that do not have the latest firmware version, I have not been able to update them because they are offline. I have someone going there tonight I’ll see if they can unplug and re-plug them then I can try to update them. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Thanks to all for your help.