All cameras not getting past "connecting camera by secure ch"

Hey guys,

For the past few days none of my cameras are getting past the “connecting camera by secure channel”

They are on latest firmware (beta) and have worked fine… On the main page I see “ON” but when I click on any, it won’t connect. I did notice when I unplugged one the on went away, so it does see some type of connection.

I would assume it’s the camera but it’s happening to all my cameras…

Any suggestions? Same network… Nothing has changed.

Also, I’m still getting notifications… Just can’t view cameras

If you’re having that much problems you should probably back out of the beta program and install the production app

Do you have something you can monitor the strength of your network?
Last summer I had a router quit working reliably. I could surf the net but my cameras would disconnect and not reconnect.

Seriously? Your solution when someone is having a problem is to back out of beta?

so when there is a bug we face with, we should get out of beta?

I hope you never ever beta test a product LOL

It’s very strong. I’ve checked latencies, pings, speeds. All are exceptional.

The solution is to report the bug through the beta app channels. But if you need it to work, yes, my first test would be to try to figure out whether it’s working in the production app or not.

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You said none of your cameras were working, I assumed you wanted to get them working.
also If you switched over to the production app you might be able to find out if the problem is with the beta app or something else.
Generally snide remarks will not get you help or suggestions :rofl: