Alexa skill falsely reported person detected by V3 cam

*This is a new fault for my system so I’m making an assumption that it might be triggered by the beta V3 cam firmware. The Alexa Echo skill for the WYZE cam provides an option to announce person detection—the firmware trigger is not stated other than being associated to a specific cam. The cam’s WYZE Cam Plus person notifications were also turned on. Alexa Echo made the false announcements at approximately 4:00AM and 4:10AM. There were no WYZE Cam Plus push notifications sent; there were no Monitoring Events recorded; and no persons were visible in the playback. For reasons unknown the cam stopped continuously recording after the announcements and didn’t restart again until 7:21AM.
See log 643840.

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Others have reported similar problems:

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I’m not running the Beta. Standard Production Release .139

Also, my affected cams did not stop continuous record. I have uninterrupted SD footage.

The Alexa skill has done this before wherein it announces every motion as a person.

I’ve been home for hours and it hasn’t false alerted yet. Had several PD alerts that did come thru but those were confirmed hits.

Hopefully someone jerked a knot upside her noggin and she acts civilized tonight.

Last night after midnight my Alexa announced, twice, once at 12:12 am and again at 12:21 am, that my Garage Door Entry Sensor was closed…


I checked the Wyze Cam’s… and the door was shut… I did a visual as well…shut…

I checked the Garage Door Entry Sensor for any activity, and it’s calendar shows nothing stating the door was ever opened, yet alone closed.

This is a bit unnerving when your just about to head to bed, and hear Alexa announcing activity occurring with your garage door (or in your case a person detected)…

I checked the ‘calendar’ for the Garage Door Entry Sensor v2 that triggers Alexa, and saw nothing there…

Not sure where to even begin troubleshooting this issue…

screenshot of Alexa showing the routine triggering:



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I also have had Alexa announce “person detected” in the past form my V3’s, and WCO’s… when a bird hops by one of my many camera’s that are sitting at Ground Level.

I don’t think the AI on the Wyze Camera’s are ‘tuned’ for a bird walking by at ground level like that…

I ended up turning that ‘feature’ off of having Alexa announce person detected after way too many false alerts.


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Oddly enough, I have a Lamp Bulb (not Wyze) BT linked to my Dot and also in a couple of routines.

Last night I woke up and it was on. The only way to turn it on was a voice command and I was sleeping.

I believe Alexa was convulsing last night.


and/or you were sleep walking, and sleep talking… :slight_smile:

Yes, It sounds like Alexa was playing practical jokes last night… all fair in love and war until She unlocks a door…

I disabled my alert, went to bed, and re-enabled it this morning. My wife reports no further Alexa ‘false’ events today with the garage door routine.

Curious to know if others experienced Alexa mayhem last night.


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The other topic reports false alerts, but nothing beyond that. Very uncharacteristic of her.

I blame prime day…too much overload.

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Is Alexa being a bad girl? Do I have another Yay? May I volunteer to take her out back and give her a good spanking? And can I be the one to tell her? Isn’t it my turn? I promise not to enjoy it too much.

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