Alexa Person Detection Announcements & Event Videos

Looking for possible theories on this:

I have 6 of my CP Cam V3 set within Alexa to announce Person Detections on my 3 Echo Dots.

Recently, Alexa has been announcing PD at a MUCH higher freequency than my app has been pushing notifications or recording PD Video Events to the Events tab.

Last night, there were no less than a dozen announcements on 3 different cams, yet there are only two Event Videos.

It is to the point right now that I have to shut these off.

Any Ideas on why or how this occurs? Thx.

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Some kind of bug. There are people reporting this on Reddit too. It has been happening to me all night too. I think Alexa is treating any motion as a person detection right now for some reason. I imagine it will be resolved soon now that it’s almost business hours.


Yep, same here. I have been getting a lot of Alexa Notifications but not on the app.

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Great. Woke up at 5 AM to the sound of “person detected” on two different cameras. Video shows barely a leaf moving.

Well that confirms it. Not just me. Thx!


Glad I have my Echo Dots set to do not disturb.


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