Alexa Integration issue?

Thanks for updating us! Worked for me too.

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Was this fix just for the ability to select the cams as a trigger item?

Have they always been unsupported as an action item?

How am I supposed to use a routine to turn off the indoor security cam when I tell Alexa I am home?

EDIT: Android Alexa version 2.2.462710.0 updated yesterday.

They were supported before but something caused it to stop working.

The only trigger today/and prior to the problem is person detection, which requires cam plus ( not sure if cam plus lite is included at the moment)

You could use a smart plug, you cannot control the camera power via Alexa, no power options today.

I even attempted to create a camera group within Alexa to control power but this did not work as well.

I use the geo-fencing (location triggers) for this in Wyze rules. When I am out of the fence the interior cameras turn on, when I return they turn off.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure. That’s a shame.

Wyze has yet to advance to Middle School. "Does Not Play Well with Others.

It’s odd too. I can do so much more with IFTTT. Cam motion triggers are there, power on\off options are there. I can even power my cams on and off with Google Home routines and those aren’t even listed in the actions list.

My Cam plus lite cameras have the same functionality as my Cam Plus cameras in Alexa routines.

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I totally agreed with your answer my problem is solved. I am very happy.

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