ALARM function

It would be useful to have an alarm function which would broadcast a loud sound through the speakers when an event occurred. Ie motion or sound sensor. One step further is allow users to download the sound clip to play continuously when an event occurs.


when any of my Wyze devices register and event, I want to close a contact and feed voltage to alarms that sound like the crack of doom, lol. Much as i hate to say it, I’m gonna ditch the other smart bulbs i have and buy wyze. Devs? This is a good idea. Your devices won’t call the cops yet, make something scream on intrusion.

Just wait until I get my hands on a smart bulb.

Barking dogs are one of the most effective deterrents to home burglaries. One very useful feature would be to associate a notification on a Wyze Cam to signal an X10 barking dog alarm.

Alternatively, perhaps Wyze could come up with an alternate solution to achieve the same objective.


I think I cool thing that would be go to add to the app would be a panic alarm. So if someone one is braking into your house you are able to turn on the alarm and possibly scared them away.


Yea being able to use the existing speaker for this would be great. And that way there can be multiple alarms instead of just a single one depending on camera count. They could even go off after it detects the smoke/co2 alarms too. Plus now with wyze bulbs they could trigger them to come on with the alarm.

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since the hardware & software already support talking thru the Wyze Cam, it seems like it wouldnt be difficult to include a feature that activates a “panic button” or “alarm button” on the app, much like the existing “press & hold to speak”, but specifically to activate an alarm or scream or screech sound as a deterrent to a potential or actual intruder, or to get the kids or pets off the furniture in a hurry! :wink:

I really would like the sensors to ether work with a (new Wyze device/Alexa/Google home) to send out a tone/activate a Routine or recorded message that could play back a conversation or instructions or a don’t do that reminder for kids or change the Landry or other type message and reminders.

Or even trigger a welcome home message to play.

Thank you for your help and consideration.

You should make a small buzzer or alarm that when you see some thing or someone on ur camera u can click alarm n it sets the alarms off u till u shut it off on the app. For instance if someone broke in my garage while I was gone and I got the notification I could click the alarm button and it would sound the wireless alarms off. U could put one inside n one that’s water resistant for outside under the soffit or somethin. These cameras are awesome but there should b like a panic button on the app that sets off wireless buzzers

Let’s say I am alone in a big house and I spot intruders/robbers outside the house trying to break in from several entry points in middle of night which i cannot guard all at the same time. Plus I don’t want to confront them but be tucked in a safe place in house but also I want to scare them away. but in such a nervous situation i don’t want to open the app, enable 2 way audio and say something to them, thats time consuming and can reveal my location.
wouldn’t it be great if I jus say(if safe to speak) " Alexa/Google protect my house" OR press a button in app and a pre-recorded scream OR HELP!! audio starts playing on all my outdoor wyze camera speakers? neighbors will get alerted and will most likely scare off the intruders. This will come very handy in a real emergency.

not to mention 911 route will be followed but this is totally home security feature I am talking about.

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If Wyze could make a alarm that makes lots of noise to scare off a intruder then should also make a panic button if you need help.


That sounds like a great idea!! Maybe Wyze can do this some day.

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That’s a wonderful idea!

now that we have Wyze Plugs coming… i have my workaround.

i can plug a screamer alarm like the Plug & Safe RX6 Siren into the Wyze Plug and activate it remotely. Too easy!

this will work for what i wanted, and be relatively inexpensive, but much higher dB than the Wyze Cam internal speaker can produce.

good stuff! :slight_smile:


This is a great thought with one exception. It is an all or nothing proposition.

WYZE can you please build in a function that would allow automation to be only be active during certain periods of the day? 11pm - 2am (automation on), 2am - 8am automation off, then 8am to 5pm ( automation on again).

Then you can use vacation mode to temporarily disable during other times of the day that you may be home and the automation is functioning.

Just a thought!

I’d still prefer if there was a way for a sensor to trigger a Google or Alexa routine that could turn on lights and/or play messages/music/sounds to all home audio devices in the house or just select onces durning select parts of the day.(Selected time of day automation.)

Thank you for your help and consideration,


Or how about “do you really need that doughnut?” :doughnut::doughnut::doughnut:


Hello, I know this would be a huge project for Wyze but I was wondering if Wyze could think about making a alarm system. For example a DIY alarm system like Ring, Nest, and SimpliSafe. It would be really cool is Wyze could do this and then people could have cameras, smart bulbs, plugs and an alarm system all in one app.

Perhaps in addition to a separate alarm device a small LED strobe could be built in as well. It would have a greater impact on any intruder with both sound and light.