Phone call on motion detection

How about making an automated phone call to contacts when intrusion has been detected?

IFTTT can do that. Set up an applet that if motion, or contact opens, or sound or whatever occurs, to call a set phone number with a set message. To call it an intrusion is using a pretty strong word, which is why I said motion and the like. I would hope my setup would only signal when a breach occurs, but truthfully I get alerts to dust, birds, bugs, and neighboorhood headlights most all the time. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately the Wyze cam lets me down on one crucial area - waking me at night if an intruder enters a remote building. So, I have not purchased, even though I like it in may other ways. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about this and it occured to me the solution is SIMPLE. Notifications wont work if the phone is in sleep mode, putting it out of sleep mode will wake you up for every notification from anyone over night - also not satisfactory. Notifications are not really loud enough too.
Simply enable the software to RING the phone when an alarm is triggered.

Note: I know the camera has problems with false alerts - it will not solve that. If the camera is inside a building it will not trigger false alerts if sighted well. This is a seperate issue.

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IFTTT.COM will call your number and play a message when an event is triggered.

It still may not be satisfactory to you. IFTTT can have a delay between the triggering event and the action carried out. They say up to 15 minutes.

I believe that there are also limits on how many calls can be triggered, though I couldn’t find them documented anywhere.

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I use IFTTT to call when WYZE sensors (contact and motion) are “open” on basement egress windows, a safe, hallway and garage… I saved the IFTTT phone number that calls to my CONTACTS, named the contact “WYZE ALERT” and toggled “favorites” on my IOS phone… and gave permission for the IFTTT phone number to call me 24/7 "EMERGENCY BYPASS through the “DO NOT DISTURB” setting. Works like a charm and has for months.

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IFTTT has a limit of 100 calls a month. My experience with it is that the phone call comes just seconds after the event is triggered. The message names the device that triggered the event. Also the time and date. If you do not answer the call it will leave a voice mail message. I assigned a different ringtone to that number so I can quickly recognize it. (FYI- my app reads US calls only).

can you please let me know how to use phone call with wyze motion detection

Hello @vvlraj2005 and welcome to the community.

There is a possibility you can do this by utilizing IFTTT, I have never tried to do it and I think it will only work in the US (not sure if that is where you are)

Using IFTTT, search for Wyze for IF THIS and select an activity and then search for phone call for THEN THAT and answer the contact information form and save. You can receive up to 100 toll free calls a month from IFTTT notifying you that motion has been detected on your device. US only.


Thanks, It worked

Home monitoring voice calls to users

Add the ability for Home Monitoring to do voice calls the user instead of only calls to NoonLight