AI Request - Logos, Uniforms, Delivery Vehicles Identification

Would be nice when identifying vehicles the systems could be keyed to logos on the common delivery services such as USPS, UPS, FedEX, or Amazon. This would be handy for cameras facing the street in front of the house and knowing when packages are delivered.

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That would be cool. In the meanwhile, I signed up on both Fedex and UPS so they text me as soon as a package is delivered. For USPS, there’s a free daily digest you can sign up for and every morning I get an email containing a photo of each envelope being delivered that day and also a list of tracking numbers for packages being delivered that day. Amazon Prime already sends me a notification as soon as a package is delivered.

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Are use the USPS app but they don’t update like FedEx and UPS do. FedEx and UPS update at every location that a package is scanned. USPS does not do that. So like when I place an order with Wyze I don’t get any updates from Washington until Des Moines and then I don’t get any updates from Des Moines until it gets delivered to my house. USPS is the worst when it comes to tracking packages

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My order from WYZE last week was delivered by FedEx. Ordered Saturday afternoon and arrived Wednesday with excellent tracking. It was the Smart Home Starter Pack and shipping was included in the price. That Pack is a good value. Also take note that prices direct from WYZE are often lower than Amazon Prime.

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Yup, that’s very true.
I only use the USPS account for the morning daily digest email. What happened was, a couple years ago, I thought I was missing some mail and found out about the “Informed Delivery Daily Digest” and signed up so I could see the machine scan of each envelope I was getting that day so I could check on the mailman. I like getting the photos each day so I kept it active.
My sister also uses it for my mother since she has dementia so if she sees something important coming that day, she can stop over or call her so it doesn’t get thrown out.

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That’s awesome I was unaware of that service. I wish they had a service similar to UPS and Fed ex that was free that you can sign up for and track your packages but thats USPS for you

Actually by time you figure in shipping Amazon and Wyze are almost identical in price. Like my last order was off by .03. I almost always place my orders through Wyze but I couldn’t pass up one day shipping from Amazon on my last order so I paid the extra three cents and got one day shipping. I think one day shipping for three cents is worth it

I just order a Seattle green as a gift for someone that was from Seattle.
It cost me $27 for this one camera/ship

I think the lens would have to better to read it.
The bridge motion sensor would work because it is small

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I did a search and did not find anything on this topic. Is there a plan for Wyze to incorporate built in recognition of logos such as FedEx, UPS, Amazon etc.? Reason being, I get a lot of deliveries throughout the week and it would be very handy to see if there’s a possible delivery person on my property at a quick glance of the notification. This is probably a stretch request but as this technology continues to improve, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be something that could be possible. Now I don’t know the legal ramifications of this (if any) but I certainly think it would be worth exploring. Getting a notification of a ‘person’ on my property is fine; maybe it’s the kid next door getting his baseball out of my yard, but taking that another step further “Possible FedEx delivery” would be fantastic. This would be something I’d pay a little extra for. Thoughts?

emergency vehicles as well

Logo or Uniform Recognition

Dear Wyze: Gwendolyn The rules for not doing facial recognition apply to my state. I am mostly looking to know what vendors arrive at my door. I don’t believe there are any laws that would prohibit “Logo recognition” or “Uniform recognition.” It could tell me the postman, Amazon, UPS, FEDEX, etc. person was at my door. I sent this to the facial recognition folks as a comment on a beta test questionnaire a bit back, but crickets were heard. I know about and use package detection, but it’s not always a identifiable package that is delivered… FTD flowers, pizza, girl scout cookies. :wink: