Cam Plus Feature: Detect Delivery Trucks

Would love a CAMPlus feature that, upon vehicle detection, compares the qualities of the vehicle to known others: I.E: Brown box truck: UPS, White Box Truck: FedEx… Could probably even incorporate machine learning to utilize the logos on the side of the vehicle.

From there, analytics can be built for subscribers relating to average delivery windows and such. Also could produce better alerting for package delivery.

Smart idea. Voted.

I like this idea alot, voted

To work, I think this will need some new tags to train the AI, I could see this being really handy.

Identify specific vehicles with new Wyze Cam AI

I watched the latest Wyze video, and was very interested in the mention of the improved camera AI coming next year. If this isn’t already planned, I think it would be great if the AI could identify specific vehicles. In my case, allowing my driveway camera to detect when the mail truck is parked in front of our neighborhood mailbox, so I’d know when the mail was here. Thanks!


Found this thread from searching google for this idea. Vehicle detection would be amazing.

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This is a fantastic idea, I hope it’s incorporated soon!