AI Not Seeing Dogs

Now the AI has stopped seeing dogs that people are walking, but it seems to have no problem seeing parked vehicles. I might understand it not recognizing little dogs, but it isn’t even seeing big dogs. And Wyze is adding more features to the AI? This is getting ridiculous!

Wzye, please just fix the current features that aren’t working correctly. Why is it so complicated for a company to fix what’s broken before adding new things?


Might be time to restart the camera . :+1:
Don’t panic , you know what they say, “ dogs are apart of the family” maybe your cameras agree today

That was the first thing I always try whenever I have issues with these cameras and 9 times out of 10 it never fixes anything. And I’m not panicking, but I like to get what I’m paying for and at this point I’m not. And this is why I hate it when Wyze adds new features because the old features don’t work, so why would the new ones?


ri have it record motion, see all my dogs and racoons, cats, possums etc…

Yet again, the point is that the AI is suppose to know what it is seeing and label them. That’s partly what you pay for with the subscription and it’s not working as advertised.

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