Vehicle Detection Issues

Lately I’ve noticed that the AI rarely detects moving vehicles outside of my set grid, yet it has no problem detecting parked vehicles outside of my grid. It’s stupid to begin with that it detects parked cars outside the grid because it scans the entire frame after a motions alert, but then not to be able to know it’s a vehicle that is moving on a clear day. And the detection box is following the vehicle in the frame, so how does that happen when the vehicle wasn’t even in the detection grid?

Now that Wyze is adding more detection features there will be more detection mistakes. I wish Wyze would just fix the AI’s current detection capabilities before adding new ones. Just seems like every product Wyze releases has issues (mostly software related). Wouldn’t it be better to hire programmers and software engineers that are actually good at what they do?


What!.. take money out of the marketing budget to improve product quality? :rofl:

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I know, but I can dream. I hate that Wyze spends more time making impressive product videos, instead of fixing the software.

I’ve noticed ‘Vehicle Detection’ only partially works… I see vehicles going by our house under ‘Motion’ that are not flagged as ‘Vehicle’. Anyone else seeing that?

I see this all the time! Often the AI won’t even see people walking their pets, yet see’s a parked vehicle. It just doesn’t work and it’s ridiculous that Wyze keep adding new AI labels when the original features of it don’t work right. Basically they are falsely advertising what the AI can do.

I have numerous V2, Pan, V3 camera’s and the floodlight. One of my V2 cameras the AI doesn’t work at all and all my V2 camera’s have the pink flash issue. The Pan camera would randomly move when nothing caused it. The V3’s while they have good night vision the AI is completely broken. And the floodlight would randomly turn the floods to full brightness at night even if it was off via the app and the extra camera I connected to it would randomly not work. Yes I’ve cycled the power and deleted and reinstalled all of them, but the issues still exist. And Wyze customer support, well they have become such a pain to deal with because all they suggest is doing what I’ve already done or replace the camera, which doesn’t fix the issue because it’s the software that is the problem.

Oh and I have CamPlus on all my cameras. Not for the nonfunctional AI but so I have longer recordings without a cool down period. But since Wyze reduced the distance that the camera’s pickup motion, now my camera’s miss a lot of things.

I am experiencing the same. Sunlight, trees, and wind do not play well with a cam looking at a parked car. But I am happy it keeps telling me my car is still there. My doorbell cam is also identifying moving cars outside of the detection zone grid and fast moving cars on my V3’s are alerting as person events with Vehicle detection off. Not accurate to say the least. Right now, the AI algorithms are a mess for some reason and I believe Wyze Devs are aware of this. I have been in DM\Email contact with 3 recently and sent them dozens of cam logs. I am hoping it tightens up soon.

Wyze has been aware of this for almost year now and have still not fixed it!

That is assuming there is a way to fix it. I submit that using light pixelation change algorithms as a basis for object recognition is a limited methodology. They can only push their coyote AI to the edge so far before it plummets to it’s death in a fiery inferno. MeepMeep!

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If there isn’t a way to fix it, then why on earth would Wyze add even more AI detection categories? Seems like their AI is already plummeting to its death.

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