Aggravating, disappointing chat experience

I was on a chat to fix my doorbell issue and it disconnected in the middle of it. I then initiated a new chat and it went for a while and then disconnected. On the 3d chat (yes, I am persistent and I needed a fix), I spent at least a half hour with the agent. I disconnected the breaker to the doorbell. No help. I rebooted the router. No help. I was then offered a $!0 GIFT CERTIFICATE since my doorbell is out of warranty. What a joke. I have been a great repeat customer for YEARS but this is all they can do???

I can’t help you with your Customer Service experience, but if you provide some details about which doorbell model, firmware version, app OS and version, and a detailed description of the problem, I am confident there may be someone here that can point you in the right direction to get it back online if it hasn’t given up the ghost.

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I’m sorry to hear about your disconnected chat sessions. They may be having issues with Chat via the Wyze app. If you used the Wyze app to contact Wyze Customer Support and wish to chat again, please open a web browser and follow this link to Support: