3rd doorbell, each one replaced after a few months

So, wondering if anyone has had the same issue. I originally pre-ordered the Wyze doorbell when it was available to pre-order. After I finally received it,I installed it with no issue. After a few months, it wouldn’t connect anymore. I reset it, and tried to reinstall it, and got the “QR code is invalid” message. I saw others had similar issues, and did what they posted, to no avail. I ended up reaching out to support and after going back and forth for a while, they replaced the door bell under warranty.

I received the new one, set it up with no issues, all was great… until the same thing happened again. Nothing changed with my configuration, router, wifi, passwords, etc all the same. It just all of a sudden stopped working. Reached out to support again and went through the same stuff, and they replaced that one under warranty as well.

Once I received it, set it right up, no issues at all… until last week where the same thing happened. So since it debuted, I’ve gone thru three of them. On top of that, I often recommend wyze products to my customers and will set them up for them. I’ve stopped recommending the doorbell because if this issue. I have a hand full of customers who’s doorbell failed, and the only fix seems to be getting a new one.

With all that said, does anyone know if they’re all junk, or maybe a large batch of them are junk? Or possibly a fix other than getting a new one every few months? I’ve got all the wyze products on my property on its own network (15 cameras, 8 plugs, door lock, etc).

Thank you!

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They are all junk. I think everyone is having the same issue, some don’t care and some are just not talking about it. I quit recommending Wyze product to friends and associates. I feel Wyze is more concerned about new products and growing their company than fixing defective products they currently have. It will catch up to them when the word gets around about their terrible customer service.


I have had the same issues. I keep giving up and then keep attempting again, including today. Now, instead of QR Code Incorrect", I got “Failed to Connect”. Very frustrating. Customer Service is a waste of time. They go down their book and ask questions that don’t even pertain to the issue. Wyze needs to have some technical folks on the customer support team that we can actually speak to, instead of having to sift through endless posts on the forum.


@WyzeJasonJ - Are you able to help here? On the bright side, I know it’s not just me. It seems these things are bricked through no fault of our own, and then we can’t set them back up. I have MANY of my own customers who purchased these doorbells and have a 52% call back on them; meaning within 3 months after install, I’m going back to their house because it doesn’t work. I stopped pushing these, because they are making my business look bad. On top of that, I need a functioning video doorbell at my house, and this is crazy after 3 of these, they all crap out the same way.

Putting in a ticket is getting crazy, it takes a long time and we start back at ground zero again, which is a waste of time.

Thank you

Unfortunately, until Wyze management decides to pay attention and read some of the messages on this forum regarding the doorbell connection issue, nothing will change. Like I stated…they are to busy trying to grow their business to worry about keeping their products working. In the end it will be the end of Wyze.

That sucks. But you’re right. As a business owner, i can appreciate wanting to grow and expand, but if you screw your most loyal customers with junk products and no solutions, you’ll lose your base quickly. I guess at this point i should look into a new video doorbell from a different manufacturer, as they are very popular with my customers. It’s a shame, I feel many of us went to wyze because they were different than the rest. Even stayed with them after the AI fiasco and changing the “person detection for life” advertisement.

I hope they take care of this problem. not holding my breath at this point.

They are working on a connection issue with the Doorbell that was reported in Fix It Friday a while back, hopefully a fix will come soon.

That’s the bad customer service I’m talking about. “A couple of Fridays ago”, this should be all hands on deck to fix, not just giving it lip service saying we are working on it and sometime in the future ( maybe when you can break a programmer free to look at it) it will be fixed. Again, poor, poor business practices. It will cost you in the end.