Again? another pre-order missing! Come on get it together

I wait and wait and wait and wait some more for my pre-orders, it is the worst thing about Wyze but it comes with the territory of new products and I have no problem with it, its just the way it is.

But I wait months and months and months and finally will be forced to look up my order because holy cow how long is it going to take only to find… my order isn’t there and of course the product is sold out.

Come on Wyze do better. The first time I wasn’t sure the order went through spoke to a rep who ASSURED me my order was received everything was fine and products on it’s way … MULTIPLE times … and of course my order for some unknown reason was Cancelled. A huge let down after 5 months of patiently watching the mail. Sucked , I was mad and eventually moved on. (still mad though that’s totally unacceptable customer service in my view). Still not even sure if they refunded my purchased (wife does the books).

Now its happened a second time. Waiting and waiting and checking only to find that this time there’s not even a history of my order. COME ON YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME AGAIN ?!?!?!

Since there’s no history of being charged I guess it’s safe to assume that I wasn’t. They will tell you if you’ve been charged but they never show you or tell you if you ever got your money returned. I guess I’ll have to sift through months and months of bank statements to see what happened.

Come on… this totally sucks … do better

Where did you look for your order on line?,app?on li e you go to your recent orders and it will show up…thats how we found ours

Also, if for some reason you weren’t signed in when you placed the order, you’ll have to contact Wyze support with your order number to get the status. I don’t know why Wyze doesn’t have a way to check the order status by inputting the order number.

I had an order like this. I had to check my emails for the order number since I wasn’t signed in and therefore doesn’t show under my account.

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Also check your orders from within the Wyze app. I have noticed that orders are not showing on the e-comm web page but do show on the order history of the web app.

My last 4/5 orders, most recently the Wyze White Headphones do not show up in my account from the website, but do show on my Wyze app order history.