Ordered Wyze 47 in Nov 2021

Is anyone still waiting on their watch order beside me? Ordered on 11/27/21 for Christmas. Nothing, no delivery, no update.

Does the order show up in your sales

Welcome to the community @towatson

As stated, go here and first see if you can find the order for the watch: Account – Wyze

If you find the order, I would reach out to wyze to find out the status. You can reach them by phone or chat/email.

Phone support is faster sometimes, here is the info:


Here is the support page, you can click on the Contact Us at the top:

Here is the Order Page for support:

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It shows up under “My Orders” status “pick/pack” since December

I keep getting the same announcement over and over with no indication where I am in line or progress. So, I go to the “live” chat only to get instead of a chat i get at bunch of questions that ultimately brings me back to the beginning. I also cannot locate the place to create a ticket.
The plot thickens- Someone finally responds to the support call takes my information and then askes me “What is the status of your order?”. Really? That is why I am on the phone. I don’t know the status. I wait on hold to be told the “order team” will send me an email. My question to the Wyze team- Does this sound like good support? Is this the way they would like to be “supported”?

I, like you, am a Community member as well and not a Wyze employee.

I have called for support a number of times and have had no issue. However, I am sure that they may have higher call volumes with the recent changes to the 12 second recordings.

However, I did some research and here are the screen shots to allow you to open a ticket:

Go to this Page (https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us) and click in the little Green icon at the bottom right. Then follow these steps:

Select Warranty Replacement
Screenshot 2022-03-07 9.23.37 PM

Select Check order Status

Enter “Where is my Order” and click the Airplane Icon

Select View Matching Solutions

Select “No” on was this Answer Helpful

Select Contact Support

Thanks for all of your help. I realize that you are not an employee, An immediately repeating announcement on their customer interface is not very user friendly in my opinion. I was venting more than anything (maybe inappropriately). If they do not get back to me today, I will file a ticket. I will also post if they do. Thanks again.

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