After seeing so many complaints, my thoughts on Wyze

While I don’t have nearly as many Wyze Sensors as you, they all either go off line or cannot connect to the bridge. My support ticket 1132651 was marked as SOLVED, yet I had never heard anything from Wyze. They started out as the little guy, but they clearly have grown too large and too fast with too many products to support. So you and I need to chalk up our experiences as a futile waste of time. If they can’t support their customers, they’ll become obsolete.

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I fully understand and I admire you to be so polite…

I hate to feel fool…

I’m migrating to zigbee that trigger (zigbee switches) faster.

But the most important thing I had noticed is:
The routines between sensors and switch’s must be between the internal network… not depending of external servers.

It makes the routines faster and stable.

Now my Alexa will just run scheduled routines and voice commands…

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Your experience would excel with Apple HomeKitb and Siri support as would the WYZE bank accounts

Customer Service has been terrible. All I want is my 12 seconds on my outdoor camera.

This doesn’t explain why when working perfectly so long why all of a sudden it appears to not be working. Makes me believe that it was a software update that is causing the playback failures for so many of us.

I had two check the playback on two of my cameras today (a Pan v2 and a v3), going back almost 24 hours, and the replay from the cards was fine. No glitches and at full resolution. Both cameras have the latest firmware versions.

Overall I’ve been ok with my service. I’ve had a few items fail that had to be replaced but that happens with technology. My biggest problem is with the motion sensors. I can have my app open and start walking around my house and the motion sensors either never recognize any motion at all or if they do it’s 5 minutes or more before the app will show that there was motion. I chose the motion sensors as it was cheaper than sensors on each one of my windows. That was a big mistake. I will be changing them out a few at a time since I haven’t had any problems with the door sensors.