Confusing App, misleading Store descriptions... more

First the Pros:

  1. Longest working (2 years w/ Cam Outdoor) wireless security cam. Ring doorbell lasted a couple months.

  2. Cam Outdoor accually lasts 2 months one a single charge, consistently.

  3. Great image quality.

  4. Cams hook up easily (as long as your Internet signal is good)
    Now the Cons:

  5. Your Store is very misleading. All your Cams have similar names and its hard to figure out which if any of your devices work together. Which, come to find out none of them do.
    2.Every camera seems to be a brand new app within the Wyze App. nothing is consistent.

  6. I added a second Cam Pan v3 and couldn’t get it stay connected to my modem, and my modem was/is fine.

  7. Purchased light sockets thinking they are what i need. They only work with one camera to be able to link them up. how lame is that? dont you think you could have mentioned something like “YOU MUST HAVE THE CAM V3 AND ONLY THE CAM V3 TO BE ABLE TO SYNC TURN THE LIGHT OFF/ON FROM THE APP”. Useless product and you should rewrite ALL of your descriptions and categorize them together.

  8. I figured a Wyze cam would talk with another Wyze cam. I purchased my Wyze Outdoor Cam Kit because it came with a Base. The Base only works with the Wyze Outdoor Cam so it can connect through my internet.

  9. I Purchased a Wyze Cam Pan v3 because more is better, right? I have wasted days trying to decode your devices and your cryptic poorly written Wyze App.

Take away: Overall Wyze is the better brand. If you can put up with the interface, and you don’t get excited thinking your gonna hook this up with that, it works.

Am i the only one that feels like the App and the way they describe their products is misleading?

Discouraged in Utah

Welcome @goinon . I am not a Wyze Employee but a community volunteer.

I do understand about the confusion and that the app needs some updating. However, Wyze is working on updates. Dark mode has recently been provided for the first 2 tabs.

I was reading your post and was interested in a few bullets:

On the Wyze Site in the store, it does indicate that this is for the Wyze Cam V3. Here are some examples:

image image


What troubleshooting have you done? Did you try moving it closer to the router to see if it becomes stable?

Wyze Primarily uses your WiFi. The Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) is the only camera that utilizes the base so that it can connect to your network. However, Wyze has recently released there Battery Cam Pro (BCP), which does not depend on a base and allows for the battery to be replaced and swapped. I have both and find the BCP to be better than the WCO.

Can you provide more information on this? What do you mean by Decode your devices? I am in IT and that means something different to me than with others.

In general

I do agree the app needs some updates, but Wyze is working diligently on it. As the correct items, add features, and clean things up, the release the apps in a beta format first for individuals to see and test. Once vetted and deemed reliable for release you will see it available to the general public.

I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out but Wyze beta testers are mostly power users. These users are very adept at workarounds and are comfortable with navigating obstuse UI idioms. But not the general users. Result - the releaes cause lot of confusion. You see this by perusing all the UI questions here.

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I agree, beta testers are mostly power users. However, just wanted to point out that there is a beta process and anyone can join the beta test. There could be issues but if you understand that, you should be ok in resolving or getting back to an operational state.

I have been beta testing for years and I would say that there has only been a handful of times when I needed to roll back Firmware or ended up waiting for a fix. But Wyze has been pretty prompt when you report it and provide sufficient information.

I get it. Wyze needs to take an outside look st the big picture here. I am sorry to say that offering Dark mode doesn’t blow my skirt. Now that you mentioned it, why wouldn’t ANY app now days not have at least Dark/light modes.
I think Wyze is going to be spending alot of time, money and effort just answering product issues because wyze does not tell you what does not work with another wyze product.
all they have to do is offer the light socket ad an Accessory under the Wyze Cam v3. done.
its being advertised as something that is new and great! It does say the Wyze Vam v3 a bunch of times in all your descriptions. But you never say its the only camera you can use. My bad? Wyze headache.

it won’t even be worth it to send them back to you for a refund. price is not the issue.

I don’t have time now to spend it on a forum complaining about some product.

i will continue to use your paid subscription which you need to get any notifications. The best thing Wyze can do for itself and its customers is to not let that Initial subscription get over $3.99 a month. Ever!

Wyze has a great product with no control over their vision for the product.

Tell me im wrong, Wyze techs are overwhelmed with questions about things that wouldn’t need communication about if your documentation was written better.

Blah, Blah, Blah.