Techy user, new to Wyze: Extremely happy with my Outdoor Cams v2

I’ve been using Ring doorbells from v1 to the latest - I currently have two Ring wireless doorbells. I was a little nervous to try Wyze, but didn’t want to spend so much for additional outdoor Ring cameras

Even with a modern mesh Wifi system, the Rings have never been reliable for me when I want to see live view. Notifications and motion alerts have been OK, but never great. I have tried different brands of routers along with upgrading the various Ring cameras — even placing a mesh satellite router within 6 feet of the Ring cams– without solving the connection issues.

I set up two Outdoor cams (v2) last week and expected even worse performance, as the two outdoor cams together was less cost than just one Ring doorbell.

However, the Wyze cameras have been amazing! Earlier today I was walking the dog and we were at a distant part of our journey, just about to turn back… when the UPS truck set off my Ring and Wyze cams. Unfortunately, I was expecting a pretty large item from the hardware store and we have a huge issue with porch pirates.

I was able to immediately see the delivery truck in the Wyze preview on iOS, then it connected quickly when I tapped the notification. Whew! Now I would just keep an eye on the porch via a cam and hopefully deter a would-be thief with the siren or 2-way talk.

Since the Wyze had worked perfectly, I swapped over to the Ring app and tried repeatedly for about 6 blocks to connect to either of the Ring cameras live. Never worked! Keep in mind those cameras are connected to the exact same Wifi network as the Outdoor Base units! I ended up using the Wyze outdoor cam, which didn’t show the porch at all but showed the approach to the house. Luckily we made it home and the delivery was still there…

All of this to say, there are probably lots of other “very happy” folks like me who aren’t constantly posting about it. The only reason I am posting that everything worked is because I see so few posts like that I almost paid way more for more Ring cams, even though I knew those didn’t work well.

Granted I don’t have long term experience with the Outdoor Cams v2, but so far I have been able to connect to them within seconds for a live view anytime and all of my attempts to sneak by the camera have failed with at least part of me being in the saved video that is stored.

Notification speed: It takes about 10 seconds from me walking past a Wyze cam to me getting the notification, on average (doesn’t seem to change if I’m on wifi or cellular)

All in all, the hardware product and streaming experience are a 10/10 for me so far. I plan on expanding my Wyze setup and hope to keep up the good experience!

NOTE: I have found the entire “new customer” experience to be baffling, though. The mismatch of information is wild, and support seems to reply without reading (thankfully I didn’t need support and was just trying to let Wyze know about a bug)


Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @spkc !

There is no Wyze Support here. This is a user-to-user forum. Wyze has a presence here, but not the support arm of Wyze. to contact them, please call:


Almost forgot they silently released it.

Hmm, Dave Zatz responded to his own article with this to say:

So the WCO v2 is performing much better for me than the WCO v1 I had at launch. No stuttering recordings and a solid connection to base station, for example. However, it’s still hobbled by the way Wyze chooses to do certain things in regards to recording. Also, the WCO v2 color night vision appears inferior to the color night vision from my Wyzecam v3. That’s a primary reason for purchase. It’s still better than my Ring Stickup Cam in darkness at that position, but balanced against Wyze’s recording deficiencies it may not be enough to keep. I’ll give it a few more days to see if some software or firmware updates come out that improve the situation before returning the camera and putting my stickup back in rotation.