After reset my event videos stopped

My v3 cameras are over a year old.
Recently I needed to reset them because my wifi information changed.

There was a period of 1 week that I did not use them.

Now when I went to look at events I no longer see a short video of it. All that are listed are pictures. Pictures are absolutely useless as I have no idea why the events happened.

Shouldn’t I still be entitled to those 5 second clips, how do I get them back?

If I can’t get the video back with paying wyze fees are there alternatives or do I basically own bricks that merely record video to an as card?


Is it cam plus or cam plus lite that you have assigned to the camera? Have you verified that the license is attached to the camera? For troubleshooting I would remove the cloud license from the camera, reset the camera, then re-add the cam plus license when the camera powers back up.

I was not aware that I assigned any license to the cameras. There was a period when one of them had cam plus for some reason but after that it reverted back to 5 second videos (I did not like the service)

I purchased an additional camera last winter and that had a different more restrictive license.

The b3 cameras I am checking now were purchased only a few months after v3 was released.

I don’t know how to do what you suggested as I don’t recall a prompt for a choice of license.

I also recall purposely not signing up for cam plus lite on on only one of the cameras.

Cam Plus Lite also does not appear as an option for me.

I just set up the cam that did have cam plus lite and that does not show an option for setting up the camera with Lite. I have a choice of basic or plus

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In early 2022, Wyze changed their Cloud Storage Model and introduced Cam Plus Lite. At that time, their Subscription Tiers changed.

  • No Subscription - Thumbnail Snapshot uploads only, 5m Cooldown, No AI Tagging

  • Cam Plus Lite - 12s Video Upload, 5m Cooldown, Person Detection included

  • Cam Plus - Full Length Video Upload, No Cooldown, Full AI Detection

There have been reports of old cams that were previously on the Legacy Cloud Model before the switch continuing to get the benefits of the old model even after the transition.

However, since you reinstalled your V3 Cams rather than just renaming your new WiFi Network the same SSID as the old one and using the same Password, the cams have been reset to the new Subscription Model.

Without Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, you will not get any Video Uploads.

Cam Plus Lite can still be had for Free though on the V3 and older cams. You first have to “Subscribe” to it to get it added to your account so that you can then assign your cams to it.

When it comes to the pricing, select “Custom Amount” and enter $0.00