After every electrical outage I need to re-add my home monitoring hub device in the Wyze app

I installed the Wyze Home Security System a few months back and other than this one problem it has worked fine. After an electrical outage (which happens frequently in my town, usually for a brief time) my base station (hub) won’t come back online until I re-add it in the Wyze app. Very frustrating, if this were a second house or vacation home that I don’t occupy often this would really be a problem.

Any other people that have the Wyze security system install have this issue?

Thank you,

Welcome to the community @rmac734 .

I have not experienced this issue as it also has a battery in it. Wondering if you could provide some additional information:

  • Are you setup via Ethernet or WiFi?
  • What is the Firmware version of the hub? I also beta test upcoming releases of the App and Firmware, but here is my Hub Version:
  • My Android App Version is: 2.24.51
  • My iOS App version is 2.24.52

I agree, this would be frustrating, but would like to help in getting this resolved.

I recently had this issue as well. But other short power outs prior were no problem.
Hard to tell though because this was just after an update that changed other things like making the hub quieter, requiring pin to disarm even when not set off…
And a HUGE issue. Now my hub disarms itself at random times when it has been armed in both home and away.
Plugged into a mesh point. Current update.