Adjusting playback timeline when continuous recording on SD card

A tip that Loki mentions for changing the playback timeline when using continuous recording, by pinching out and in with two fingers, is really important. I accidentally did it and didn’t understand what had happened–until I found Loki’s tip. The default timeline indicates every 20 minutes but can be pinched out or in to every 2 minutes or to every 60 minutes. Besides being a solution to accidental problems, It gives the user much more control to rapidly or slowly search for details on the timeline. I really think this should be placed on the app software as a feature to be used if desired, perhaps under Device Settings–Advanced Settings.


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I would suggest adding notes or trigger flags in the timeline, to help find events. As the sound and movement detection triggers turn on recording or not , if the camera is set to continuous recording, there is nothing in the timeline to indicate potentially interesting action. It would be hand, if in continuous mode, that a red area in the recording (or some other flag) indicated what would have otherwise triggered a ‘record’ state… Sound, movement, face recognition, etc.

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There is a #wishlist topic for what you’re suggesting. :slight_smile: