Adding cam v3

How do I add cam v3 to an installed floodlight cam ?

Do you want to add a second V3 using the USB port on the floodlight or replace the existing V3 that controls the floodlight?

I want to add a cam v3 to an already installed floodlight cam.

I’m not sure what a v3 pro is. I just have a stock cam v3 that I want to add.

Whoops ! I misread it , apologies !

I second what @SlabSlayer commented . Do you want to replace the preinstalled v3 or add an additional v3 for more coverage ?

I want to add a cam v3 for more coverage. Can I just plug it into the usb port or do I need to reinstall the pre-existing floodlight cam that is already installed ?

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@Rulwiz is the floodlight expert and can post in with better details…

But I believe the add on V3 only uses the USB port on the floodlight for power.

So, regular install just like any V3, set it up indoors on the kitchen counter. Once set up, mount it, plug it into the floodlight USB and go. It will just be another V3 on your Device List Home Page.


You can just install the v3 to the back usb port

Once you set up the floodlight , behind the pir sensor will be a usb port that will be covered up with a white pull tab that you just take off and then you connect the cable that goes to camera end and then the end that usually goes into the power adapter you connect that end to the back usb port on the floodlight .


Great ! Thank you all for the info. I’ll follow your instructions for the v3 add on.