Added camera to CP but still shows 12 sec only

I am helping a person out, and I set them up 4 cams.
The first three ran out of trial, so I purchased a 4 license Cam Plus from the website.
I added the three that expired, and will add the last one in a couple days.
One of the cams is showing only 12 second videos, even thought its had a license added for CP and it is even saying it knows its on CP but yet there is still only showing 12 sec videos.
Anyone know why that is?
I have logged out and back in, and unassigned (waited) and reassigned.

You can see in this screenshot, the 12 sec circled in red.

I renamed the cam from driveway to circled drive, but you can see here, its acting like there is no C P applied,

First thing I would do is to unassign it from CP, go to Account → App Settings and clear the cache. Then log out, close app, long press Wyze Icon → App Info → Force Close.

Then open app, log back in, assign cam and test. If that doesn’t work, leave it assigned and try clearing the cache again. If that doesn’t work, you might have to clear the OS app cache.


When I first purchased cam plus it took a while for the features to apply.

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I was in the app and I tried everything as mentioned above, and I could view live video, but could not restart it from the app. Had my friend restart it on site and after that it booted up, got its config, and it was all correct.

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Great that it is back to behaving!:+1::smiley:

One thing to consider… For the ‘on site’ camera power cycle reboots… I have all my cams plugged into inexpensive smart plugs (not Wyze) so I can power cycle reboot them from my phone without actually visiting the cams.

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The is a GOOD idea !!