Add Video Doorbell-style events to live stream view for all cam types

Add the same “Live” view with time-stamped events as shown by Doorbell Camera to all Cam Plus Cameras.

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I find the user experience of the Wyze mobile app to be cumbersome and severely lacking in usability.

When viewing a live stream I should have the ability to view events on the same screen rather than having to back out of the live stream, navigate to the home screen, select “Events”, then pick the type of motion and finally the device. This should be 1 tap instead of 5 step process.

Why doesn’t the app provide the ability to view events on the live feed screen including the option to filter by motion type?

Wyze offers a “View Playback” button, but most of my camera’s don’t even support and SD Card. It makes no sense to have this button for cameras with no local storage. When I click the “View Playback” button I’m prompted with an option to shop or close. In a past release, at least there was an option to bring me over to “Events” rather than Shopping. In my option the workflow is getting worse instead of better. Shopping has no place on this screen. At a minimum add an “Events” button above or under the “View Playback” button.

Competitors like Ring and Yi have a much more intuitive and friendly user experience when it comes to viewing events and being able to decipher which camera triggered an alarm/motion. Wyze team please take at your competitors and implement some of these best practices. I feel like this app is stuck on the same interface it originally launched on and instead of being improved has been neglected and is rather getting worse. At least that’s my opinion.


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I am with you on this! :clap: Added my vote! :+1:

Would love to see either of the options above, although I don’t find the doorbell event slider very intuitive. But, it would be better than the clickorama it takes to get there now. And, when you have a BUNCH of cams, opening the events tab opens events from ALL cams, not just the one you were live viewing.

In @imouti’s option to press an events button\bar, the landing page should auto filter for only events on that cam and apply any AI\Motion filters preset on the events page.

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Agreed, it’s a Hot Mess.

For example, I’m in Event View, I see my camera is triggering due to plants waving in the wind, I should have a one tap option to go to options for that camera and then to Settings to change my Detection Zones. Current way, is back out of the event, back out of events, go to home, then scroll the Many devices on the home screen to find the camera, open camera, then it’s settings, and finally to Detection Settings and then to Detection Zone.

Hot Mess.

So, yes, I’d like to see the live stream view from the Door Bell available in all cameras as well.


Show the timeline in the camera view

Please, update the camera view to show the events timeline like the doorbell currently does. Also, it would be nice to have the same timeline when viewing an event.

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