Viewing events from the app

The latest update has caused the ability to view events from the camera live view to not work and give a message that you do not have a SD card. You are now required to go the camera home page and select events. WHY not allow the events display from the live page using View Playback. This is a lot more steps that are unnecessary.

The “Playback” button at the bottom of the live view is only for viewing SD card footage if you have one installed. Motion events are stored in the cloud and are viewable in the events tab like you mentioned.

They recently changed the messaging to try and make it more clear what the SD cards are for, but it seems to have only caused confusion.

I was told they were planning on changing it again to make the process more simple.

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To reiterate, View Playback was always for SD Card playback and nothing else. Cloud events were always viewed under Events.

You could never (I don’t think) view cloud Events directly from the live view page.

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I thought the same too. So the many posts about this issue confused me.

But apparently some people were able to go directly to the event from live view. I don’t know how as I have never had that capability. Perhaps it is specific to one type of Cam? OS? Magic? :fairy:I’m not sure.

At any rate, Noopurzokarkar addressed this in his post(s) in this thread which seems to indicate it was out there somewhere, a change was made, and now it’s not out there but will be again soon. :thinking::question:

EDIT: Is this a possibility?: Previously, if no uSD card was detected, the playback bar would take you to the events? But if a uSD was detected it would take you to the uSD Playback? And now they have removed the No uSD go-to Events option?

I have been with Wyze since 2018 and have never seen this as an option. In the beginning, I did not use SD Cards.

But to check to see, I opened up a camera which does not have an SD Card and it showed the following:

So you need an SD Card for viewing Feedback button to work


Exactly. Hence my confusion when seeing the recent increase in posts about the loss of this ‘function’ and @Noopur posts in the other thread which confirmed some sort of change that caused this.

I don’t recall anything like this. Maybe there was an events button. But for as long as I can remember, the View Playback always went to the SD Card


That’s so strange. We are all here every day, pretty much, and have never heard of this phenomenon (events reachable from the Live View screen).

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Maybe they really mean this “issue”?


Anything is possible. But cornfusing it is.

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Just got curious and did a search… Came across this:

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