SD Card question on viewing events

I’m baffled. Please help. I have two to three little Cube Wyzes, one PanCam. Haven’t used them for awhile as the need changed. When I did use them, I could view events WITHOUT an SD card. I’ve never had an SD card in any device and yet never had any difficulty at all immediately viewing events of any kinds previously recorded and kept in the cloud for a period. Now…can’t do it…says I need an SD card.

I had a long computer chat with a tech who said it’s never been possible to view events without the card. I’m not crazy. I’ve never had an SD card in any cam, and I could go right to my phone and see previous video with no problem.

Can someone help me? Did something change? Software hid viewing which I’d been doing? HELP!

Cathie Simmons

Do you see anything in the Events tab?
These are the 12 second Event clips that are saved to ‘the cloud’. An SD card is not required to view these.
SD card recordings are viewed from the live camera feed. A button at the bottom labeled “View Playback”.

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Well…I’m guessing I’m nuts after all. Yes, I see the 12 second clips if hitting Events tab. I’m just sure I used to just hit View Playback at the bottom. However, you say not, so I’m going with your assessment. It just doesn’t look the same and we’re creatures of habit in memory as well as other things. I’ll work with this. It was fine before and it’ll be fine now. :slight_smile: Thanx!


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Possibly but there is a different forum for that topic. :joy:
WYZE recently changed the appearance of the Events tab.

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If the “tech” was a Wyze support person that person should no longer have a job.