Wyze Web View should have the same functionality as the Wyze app

Hat’s off to Wyze for the Wyze Web View, it’s got a ways to go to be ready for Prime Time, but a great step forward.

What are the chances the Wyze Web View could be equal in functionality to what we have in the App on our Android phones and iPhones?

As I have started to experiment with rules for my many camera’s to trigger certain Wyze Color bulbs depending on what camera is triggered, I find myself wishing I could do so on something other than my iPhone.

If Pizza hut can give me the experience I need to order a pizza from my phone, tablet, or web browser, perhaps Wyze can do something similar?


Voted hard. Since all the app settings and functions OTHER than viewing are stored on cloud servers anyway, there’s no reason this equivalency couldn’t have been delivered fairly easily years ago.


233 Views and only 7 votes… doesn’t look like this is even a pimple on Wyze’s butt…


Looks like it’s you and I @Customer and no one else at this party :frowning:



My impression is that the wish list is rarely browsed by anyone, but rather that items turn up in searches or are merged in by moderators. So it’s an imperfect gauge of community opinion.


Wyze team, please make this a top priority! It will add a HUGE amount of value to your service and make more people want to start buying your cams and pro subscriptions. I want a screen on in my house at all times where I can see my cams, like a traditional security system. I’d pay a higher fee extra to cover the bandwidth. You could even make Web View a separate add-on fee for Cam Plus customers instead of including it in Cam Plus, if necessary to make it work financially. But offer the service! And get the doorbell and outdoor cams supported ASAP. It’s not really adding any value if half you cameras don’t work with it.


Webview option for 2x, 4x speeds when viewing events
In the wyze app cam plus subs can watch events in 2x or 4x speed. This should be added to webview.

Webview scrub through event videos
Webview has a progress bar at the bottom when viewing an event. It shows you how far you have watched the event for. In the app you can click or drag to skip ahead, but you cant in webview. This should be added. Thanks!

Webview mark events that have been watched
In the wyze app, event videos you have already seen are greyed out. This is sooo useful, and should be added to webview as well. Thanks!

Ability to submit event videos to AI on Webview
In the app you can submit event videos to help improve wyze ai. I see no reason not to add this to webview as well. Thanks!

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Couldn’t agree more. I have dozen Wyze devices. Not buying another camera until I can integrate cameras and view on my PC (without having to pay extra for monthly cloud service).

Webview displays groups of events in 24hr format, not in 12hr with AM PM. This should be a setting or just always AM/PM, as the rest of the Wyze app functions in 12hr time

Event length is displayed on the purple tags like “05s”, whereas the Wyze app displays it like “5s” without the 0