Add locking mechanism to Night-Light to lock onto metal mounting plates. Make It Little Kid Proof!

I have small kids and I love you night lights only problem I have is when I put them on the wall by my stairs my little boy keeps pulling them off and losing them. I preordered six of them and now I am down to 2. Having a clip on the magnetic mounting plate that the device an clip onto and lock would make these perfect.

You would have the perfect light for people who do not want to custom wire any lights for that type that cannot be tampered with.

Just my thougts on the subject and hope you all agree and vote to add this feature.

Even if there was just a simple index ridge on the backing plate which mates with one of two indexing grooves in the light, this problem would be reduced. This would be simple - change the molding of the light to include two shallow grooves at right angles… and press a small fold into the backing plate. The light would still work with smooth plates and other surfaces, but would ensure the light is held more securely in the correct orientation on the plate

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That would also solve my problem. I can’t get them to stay oriented correctly. It’s just a flat plate and the light it not perfectly balanced, and when I place it on the plate it swivels/rotates to some equilibrium point, but not how I want it. I’m thinking I might have to try some museum putty to make the plate “grippy.”

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In inexpensive solution to keep the night light from spinning… take 2 pieces of painter’s tape, stick the ends of each piece to itself to form 2 tubes, stick the seam side of one tube to the night light oriented vertically and the other tube horizontally, flatten the tubes and slap the night light onto the wall mounting plate:

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I just recently purchased the Wyze Night Lights and I love them but I have a suggestion to make them much better. Put a small square bezel around the area where the magnet is located to keep the unit from free spinning and to keep it level. That is the only issue I am having with them, If they get bumped going up and down the stairs just a little bit they start to slide out of alignment with the metal plate and sag on one end.

I like that idea. Thank you.

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Night light mounts

I just mounted my first night light but was surprised to see it “flip” upside-down rather than stay put.

It shouldn’t slide around once placed on the wall. I’m going to have to get some Command strips.

I just purchased 2 packs of the night lights during Wyze week. Pretty disappointed to see the lights immediately flip when I put them up. Hard to imagine that wasn’t an issue that Wyze didn’t see as something that needed a quick fix.

That said, I was able to fix by putting a drop of hot glue at the top of each light. Quick solution to something that really shouldn’t have been a problem from the start.