Wyze night lights kinda suck

I’m frankly a bit surprised at the poor design of the night lights. The magnet doesn’t grip and keep the night light in place properly it swivels around even when the wall shakes very slightly. This seems like an extremely easy and cheap thing to avoid how did this pass QC? Also the sticky things for the wall are WAY too sticky. I tried pulling one off using the pull tab but the pull tab ripped off prematurely and I had to pull it off without and it ripped a hole in the drywall. I wouldn’t buy these again honestly…


I experienced both things you mentioned. I have 6 lights, and needed to relocate them. Only 1 of them had a clean release by pulling the tab. The others all broke and had to be pried off. I lost paint on 4 of them. When it was time to reattach, I improved things by coating one surface of the metal plates with a rubberized spray (Gorilla clear patch & seal, but Flex Seal would work, too), and by using 3M command strips (I used the small “poster” size - works great). My lights no longer tumble over, and I’m expecting the 3M strips to release well, as they do. Now, other than being too quick to activate in higher ambient light, I love my night lights.