Night light feedback II

Received my nightlights today and have them installed.

3 issues

Didn’t know I would need an USB C connector to charge them. Still not a common interface. Perhaps that should be mentioned in the information for ordering.

The instructions say nothing about removing the blue film from the wall plate before you stick the mounting tape on it. Ruined one of the mounting tabs since it stuck firmly to the plastic film. I had thought the metal plate was anodized on one side. Used some double sided insulation tape. Holds for now.

Magnet isn’t very strong. I carefully made sure the plates were level on the wall but the lights themselves turn and position themselves however they feel - not very straight for sure. They really need much, much stronger magnets.

Only one evening up but they appear to work fine. We will see if the cats take them off the wall.

I just recently purchased the Wyze Night Lights and I love them but I have a suggestion to make them much better. Put a small square bezel around the area where the magnet is located to keep the unit from free spinning and to keep it level. That is the only issue I am having with them, if they get bumped going up and down the stairs just a little bit they start to slide out of alignment with the metal plate and sag on one end.


I have 6 of the lights, and 3 of them would always spin off level at the slightest jostle. When I needed to relocate my lights, I took the metal plates off the walls. I sprayed the light-attaching side with a coat of clear Gorilla patch & seal before putting them back up with 3M command strips. This thin layer gives just a wee bit of grip to the metal plates and my lights no longer drift out of level.