Wyze Night Lights

I received the Night Lights today. Have not installed them in the final location yet, but fully charged them and started to test. Followed the instructions to make sure they all paired together and started to test to see how they worked. I realized that they need to be in a dark room and then the PIR looks for motion. When motion is sensed, all of the sensors will go on.

Very impressed with these devices so far. Will see how long the battery lasts.

  • Small devices which puts out plenty of light above and below.
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Rechargeable batteries via a USB-C connection
  • Magnetic, so you can put it on metal surfaces or use the provided metal plates which you can stick to the wall.
  • No app integration, but one is not needed. However, the badge of devices in your account area does not fill in. Not sure if that is even possible
  • for those that are concerned, you do get the customary backer sticker.



Fun. Thanks for the write up!

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Just for @themdg (because I remembered the gamification comment once :slight_smile: ) I contacted WYZE support (told them it was really low priority) and asked how we activate the badges in the app for non-connectable devices. They are escalating to a specialist.


See… This guy… now this guy gets it. /me tips hat.

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The King doing his best @R.Good impression. Thank you vera much…


Can I ask when you placed your order? I ordered back on May 25th. Trying to see if I’ll get one from the initial shipment, or if I missed the boat (pun intended).

I ordered mine 5/25. I believe that is when they came out.

To put this in perspective, I ordered the ear buds when they first came out also and I have not received those yet while others have.

WyzeJimmy sent an email today on the status of products and orders.

I got yesterday’s email, which made me ask when you ordered. The app doesn’t say anything, other than I ordered and I don’t have a tracking number.

Sometimes if you pick on the order, it may say in packing

Sounds like you missed the boat. I ordered about 5 minutes after the May 25th announcement and didn’t make the 1st shipment either. There’s a huge backup in port clearances so hang in there…


Its a joke, after months and weeks telling us we are close to ship, they ship and only 8% ???
and others will have to wait more weeks? WTF

"The remaining inventory is a bit behind and the seaport is heavily congested, so we will likely be waiting a few weeks before we’re able to ship more out. Thanks so much for your patience!

We already know seaport is heavily congested, what you didn’t tell us is that you where only going to ship 8% of the order.

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All preorder dates are estimates. If your need or desire for any product is such that you can’t tolerate preorder shipping estimates that frequently change, perhaps you should refrain from preordering and wait for official product launch and order from stock.


I’m with ya. I’ll never order another pre-order (or direct) from Wyze again. I know it’s only $20, but I could have bought the exact same product without the Wyze logo and had it months ago.

We were told July, now I’m realistically looking at October/November.

This is just another irritating move from Wyze in a long list of irritating moves.

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i order my night lights on 5/25 and nothing shows other than my order status. i wrote wyze and told them to cancel my order if they didn’t ship yet and refund me. never had a prob on first round orders before. i am little bit dis-enchanted by them now that they will take 1/2 a year to get to me.

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i just got an email from support that they are going out mid to late august and mine will go out when inventory is available. i’ve gotten tired of waiting and am put off that even tho jimmy says pre orders went out 8/6 that mine didn’t. my visa was charged quickly tho on 5/26/21 per my bank statement. so hopefully i’ll get my 21.19 back soon. hopefully that doesn’t take 3 months for my refund. i’m fed up with doing any more pre orders. prob not wyze’s fault due to overseas shipping. but i’ll spend that $$ elsewhere and may order again when they are main stream. pre orders on day of announcement should have gotten 1st priority but i guess not

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You’re about done with pre-orders? What is it about your reaction to this experience that makes considering another Wyze pre-order a possibility? I’m not seeing it.

done…meaning i don’t want to have ordered something the day it was a announced and not have gotten the first batch of shipments that went out on 8/6. Mine should have been included in that just like the reviewer and others that ordered at the same time. They knew how many they needed in that batch and should have had our day of announcement orders all go out in that same shipment. not a huge deal… just voicing my thoughts here. night light not a big deal. just got it on a whim but cancelling and getting a refund… never wanted to wait 3 months for it and definitely not 4. I may get some when they wind up at home depot and can grab it and take it home and return it if i don’t like it

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I should have said… With how disgruntled you seem to be about this… How are you still only “about done” with pre-orders and not definitely done?

I think your Home Depot approach will be better.

sorry… just a form of expression (im from georgia, usa), about done, fed up, etc :>

I got mine today, I never read the specs on these when I ordered them they are much smaller than I had anticipated. Using the headphones and case as a size reference. Appear to shed more than enough light. I wonder if it’s the same innards as the V3 spotlight :wink:

Now, where to put them…

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