Add App function to Reset Wyze Sense sensors and/or bridge

Please consider adding the ability to reset a Contact or Motion sensor in the mobile App to their “normal” state of “Closed” for the Contact sensor and “Clear” for the Motion sensor. On a number of occasions one of my Contact Sensors will report “Open” when it is closed. And the Motion sensor sometimes get stuck on “Open” and does not report “Clear”. When this occurs, my method of “reset” is to exercise these sensors multiple times to get a true response of its state. Usually, the reliable option is to delete and then re-install the sensor. An App function to reset would be more efficient.

Edit: I know this Wishlist topic is tagged as “maybe-later” but ask that it be given more consideration to be placed in development for the following reasons. One of my bridge units has a bad habit of “disconnecting” from its host camera for unpredictable reasons, and other Forum posts report the same issue with their bridges. I know my bridge is “disconnected” because the blue led on the bridge inexplicably reverts to either flashing blue or flashing yellow even though the camera has not power-cycled. The result is this: Contact Sensors and Motion Sensors will trigger an event but cannot communicate with the bridge and therefore no events are logged even though the Sensors have triggered. An example is that a Motion Sensor may report that motion is active for several consecutive hours and a Contact Sensor will report a door opened for several hours even though these circumstances are false. I think the capability to “Reset” a bridge unit via the App and also to verify that the bridge is in a “Ready” state with its host camera is an important feature. This parallels the function of “Restart” for cameras. Please give this feature request additional thought.:slightly_smiling_face:

That would be very useful as my Wyze sense bridge disconnects for no apparent reason.


how often are the sensors polled by the hub? if the sensors are using RF , putting a radio beside it should give off some static on the loudspeaker when the polling is done.

the other way it might be implemented is the sensor only talks to the hub when it changes state. so if a sensor is stolen complete / battery dies, hub will never know

“Wireless keyboards and mice use RF links at 27Mhz or 2.4Ghz. Cordless phones use 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, and now 5.8Ghz. Key fobs, garage door openers, and some home automation systems use 315Mhz or 434Mhz.”


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I get it jjr. I used to add a lot of that kind of functionality to my apps in my development days. Problem here is you shouldn’t have to. If we do we’ll always be doing this. Something like contacts should be reliable status open closed, zero or one that’s it that’s all. It just needs to work if we have to reset everything all the time we know we’re just working around a bad performance or design issue in the first place. They’re going to make it work and work reliably or there’s no sense in it no pun intended.

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This happens all the time for me. Especially when I’m away from the house and would love to cycle power remotely. The sensors work great for weeks at a time, And then get stuck in a position at the most inconvient moments or weekends when I can’t physically troubleshoot.

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The Wyze Bridge seems notorious for going into a blue/yellow LED blinking status (connecting). Powerfailing the camera (which brings down two devices) is a bad option, especially remote.

  1. Allow the user to remotely reset the bridge
  2. If blue/yellow is the current status indefinitely and your instructions are to reset that bridge, why not implement an auto-reset of the bridge in the firmware?