Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

I agree 100% . If Wyze wants to compete with real alarm systems, the rules should be integrated into the Alarm and not some hack or extra button pushes. There are several key features that need to exist to compete.

  1. A loud integrated siren.
  2. A distress code.
  3. Visitor codes.
  4. Rules that trigger off of alarm status.
  5. Backup cell phone.

Sorry for the rant. I have 2 alarms systems in my home. ADT and Wyse. The only thing keeping me from dumping ADT is #1. But, the others are important. BTW. The Wyse monitoring group is great.



Ken, we got rid of Brinks Security, then we installed the wyze System only to realize that the siren was not loud enough. Still glad we got rid of Brinks though.

Sorry my other information appeared

I am ready to get rid of ADT, I think the Wyse system is good and a great price point. But, wife is not willing until the siren is resolved. I have a loud siren working, but it is kluge and not an acceptable solution for the Mrs.


On the money! Wyze contracts w\ Noonlight. Noonlight is awesome. As for Wyze, they haven’t really shown an aptitude for innovation, stability, or customer support… Only price.


I am waiting for the same resolution to this problem too. Until they solve this with at least the chime satellites I have decided to go on a hiatus with Wyse. I have stopped buying or upgrading any firmware or new devices. Everything is working as it should right now but I have had way to many problems and spent too much time reinstalling older firmware.


Did the same with Vivint

Why is it so hard for Wyze to just offer a standalone siren that is triggered by the alarm and is loud? Before buying the Wyze system, I had a cheap Chinese alarm. I was able to buy an external siren for it for around $10 that was super loud. This isn’t rocket science.

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While I “invested” over $600 in Wyze, I’m actively looking for better options. I agree with many others and especially SlabSlayer as the only thing Wyze has going for it basically boils down to price. When we become more educated consumer (I’ve now learned my lesson) we’ll see a vast difference between fast, good and cheap.

For the cheap part, if it fails the very important aspect of SECURITY, then what’s the purpose? You may as well buy dummy cameras and pretend that’s security. In the case of Wyze, it’s more like dummy products and I mean a ton of products to boot instead of focusing on security, they ventured into focusing on everything. As the saying goes “if you focus on everything, you focus on NOTHING”.

Hint: that should be their tagline.


Yep. Pick 2.
I think their engineering team works for Borderline System Design.

Same reason you cannot link hubs. They are lazy.

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I would hope Wyse technical support is looking at adapting a commercially available siren to their system instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

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I agree, especially if you have some hearing loss. I would consider it more of a safety concern if you are unable to hear the siren.

How do we get more people to ask for a loud siren? Just maybe, that will get the technical people to work on this. Thanks

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We have been asking and they keep promising a solution for awhile now. Sorry to say I am not too optimistic, but I still hope they do.

I believe in the past Wyze did a survey, but I don’t remember. This was being asked for since 2019. On this thread alone, there are at the moment of this post 275 requests.

With all due respect to Wyze management, but it’s evident these are kids with a great idea and a decent reach to funding. Other than that, their support, marketing strategy and customer service is less than desirable. People like these only change when there’s a better competition, so it’s basically until there’s something better, they’ll do what they’ve been doing…other products/services that has NOTHING to do with security, getting the $$$$ :slight_smile:

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Spot on. Wyze only looking to line pockets with inferior home alarm system and it’s monthly service.

Security alarms are meant to first deter, then scare away culprits and a lack of decent siren will allow them to take what they want before paid service agents contact local authorities. They will be long gone with stuff before cops show up.

Add chime/speaker for HMS

Wyze needs to have a chime that goes along with the hub for HMS, If you have a big house you might not hear the door opening, Plus I know I **Cannot hear anything the hub says when i am near my exterior doors **

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I can’t for the life of me understand why Wyze can’t find a commerically available Siren, and adapt it to a Wyze home security system. Can someone explain why this isn’t possible. Thankyou

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How about additional sirens for wyze sense. My router is located to far away to be easily heard and an outside siren

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