Add 1/4-20 insert to Outdoor Cam Mounting Base

I wish the new outside cams base had a 1/4-20 insert in it.
The problem arises when you are mounting the camera outside under something and you find out that when you choose the “rotate 180 degrees” option the setup recommends against it.
That said, I modified the base to mount “right-side up, up-side down. I drilled a hole slightly smaller than a 1/4”, threaded it into the base and then added a nut for safety.
If anyone else has a better idea I would love to see it!
Again, adding a 1/4-20 insert in the base would help.

No need to rotate 180 degrees. The magnetic base will stick to the metal plate at the top of the camera. See chart below.

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Found these on Etsy, but note, if you use the magnet, you can attach to the top of the camera as @StopICU33 indicated.

if you wanted to mount it on siding:

or this Maybe.

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Yes, I read that but the magnetic strength is not the same. I did not feel comfortable with it hooked to the top. You can tell the difference in strength

@sblubaugh65 You’re right about that it’s not as strong attached to the top. I edited the title and merged this back to the #wishlist .

Don’t forget to vote for your idea.

Forgot to add a photo of how it turned out…