Activating Cameras Only Certain Hours

I have just acquired a couple of Outdoor cameras and a base station to replace a couple of ARLO cameras that will not record unless I pay ARLO money. Nope, nope, nope. The cameras and the base station are at the latest firmware level. The cameras and the base station have micro-sd cards installed.

Anyway, I need to set the cameras to only record when motion is detected during the hours of midnight to 6:00 AM. I have created two rules that I think are correct.

The first rule starts at 12:00 AM and ends at 12:01 AM (both can’t be the same time). The rule turns on the cameras and turns on motion detection. Another rule has been created that at 6:00 AM and ends at 6:01 AM that turns off the cameras and motion detection.

I don’t want continuous recording, or motion detection during those hours (between midnight and 6:00 AM), only recording when motion is detected. What I am uncertain of is turning on the cameras going to do continuous recording?

Will these rules do what I am wanting?

You need to get rid of the stop times.

Or create a rule that says start at midnight, stop at 6 am, motion detection on or off (you said it both ways).

The Outdoor cam doesn’t do continuous recording, so you should be good there (although it can do scheduled recording).

OK. I have modified the rules.

At 12:00 AM the cameras are turned on and motion detection is turned on. There is a stop time of 6:00 AM.

What is unclear to me is when the stop time is reached will the cameras turn off along with motion detection?

I was not real clear on this as there is an option to turn off motion detection and the cameras. Leading one to believe that the action occurs at the time specified. But another action must be done at another time specified to reverse the starting action. Do the cameras and motion detection have to be stopped by an action after being started?

When you set a start AND a stop time, then the start time gets you your action. The stop time REVERSES that action. So when you turned on motion detection at 12 midnight with a stop time of 12:01, then motion detection would have been turned back off at 12:01. So you didn’t want that.

If you set JUST a start time, then that action is repeated every day at that time. For instance, I manually turn off motion detection on some cameras on windy days using shortcuts. I have a rule set up with just a start time that automatically turns motion detection back on every day when it gets dark (or the next morning, depending on the camera).

For you, you could either set 2 start time rules, one at midnight with an action of ‘on’, and one at 6 AM with an action of ‘off’, OR you can set one start/stop rule with the action of ‘on’ at midnight. That one would automatically reverse the action and turn things off at the stop time, 6 AM.

If you have 2 actions and turn both motion detection and the camera on at midnight, then both will be reversed at the stop time.

Sometimes it is also important to list the actions in the proper order. Not sure if that is necessary here, but always a best practice to follow. So turn on camera, turn on motion detection.

Actually, if you are going to include turning on and off the camera, you really don’t need to be turning on and off motion detection too. It won’t detect motion when off. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That clears it up. Good explanation.

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