Recording at specific times

I’m missing something here. How do you schedule the camera to start and stop recording at specific times. ie. Just trigger on time. Thank you.

To make sure I understand right, you want to schedule continuous recording during certain times?

That’s how I am reading it, and you can try enabling continuous record, then create a scheduled rule to “turn on camera” and another scheduled rule to “turn off camera”. The camera won’t be off as in unplugged, but it will be unavailable for live view or anything when it’s “off”. It’s more like a sleep mode than off. How’s that?

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To be more specific, I want to record a video for a specific time period (ie. 1-5 minutes). I set up a rule to turn the camera on and off, but it didn’t record anything that I could see.


I was trying that also, but in my reading it said that the recording would be sent to the “cloud”.
I have not found the recording, But then also I’ve read that there have been problems with “rules” recently.