V3 not following rules

I set a rule to toggle motion detection on and off. But It’s still recording on every bit of motion detection, including leaves in the wind.
What am I doing wrong?

Your rule shows no actions to take, like turning off motion detection.


Post a screenshot that shows the actions listed or a screenshot of one of those completed time blocks expanded.

But, when you set a rule with a start time and an end time, you only want ONE action for each cam function.

The start time executes the action, the end time executes the OPPOSITE of the action. You do not need both an on and an off action.

So, if you want it on at 3 and off at 10, the one action you need for that cam is “turn motion detection on”.

It will turn it on at 3 and off at 10.

If off at 3 and on at 10, use the “turn motion detection off” action.

If you have both the on and the off action in the rule, it will do BOTH at 3 and again at 10 in no specific order. Rule actions are blast mode with all actions being executed at once. No telling which action would win when the cam gets both commands at once.

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