What am I doing wrong with my Rule?

So I set up a rule for my Shed camera V2 Outdoor on CamPlus. Start time at Sunset and End time Sunrise. with Action Turn on Camera. I set up the location data for it to know when sunset and sunrise was,
And 2 nights in a row it has not come on. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! I need to automate this to come on at night and go off in the morning. Thanks!

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Check the rules history in account > rules > history. See if it said it failed and why.

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It’s stating it’s succeeded. But I think I have the rule messed up, but it’s a very confusing setup. The rule is setup as follows;
Start time - At Sunset
End time - At Sunrise
(Both have my location setup)

Repeats every day of the week.

But then I am forced to add an action. It can’t be saved without doing so. This is what doesn’t make sense, because I can either set the action to TURN ON or TURN off. I can’t set the action for TURN on for rule at Sunset and Turn off for the rule of Sunrise. So is you check the screen shot of the history it just seems to randomly turn it on or off for Sunset. I don’t get the way they have this set up it makes no sense to not be able to add an ACTION to each rule? ( Sunset ON and Sunrise OFF ) and can only set ON or OFF for the Rule itself. I am just confused.

Not sure how that works, guessing it will just toggle it? @R.Good will know.

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I am a pretty bright guy, I work in I.T. And the way they have this set up is so bass akwards and confusing. It could be so much simplier of done right. Thanks! Looking forward to @R.Good to assist with their knowledge on this.

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What do you want the rule to actuator do?

What you have is every day of the week turn on the camera at sunset and then at sunrise the camera will turn off.

Your rule history shows that the camera is turned off at sunrise and on at sunset.

This is why Iam asking what you would like to happen. Then we can let you know how we would set it up.


If your desired action is to turn the cameras on at Sunset then turn off at sunrise you will need to create 2 Rules, one for off and one for on.

There is some room for improvement with On/Off Rules. I have 2 Rules for on/off for a lot of things. A canned On/Off Rule would be appreciated

I just combed the Wishlist and thought for sure I would see a request for a canned on/off rule, oddly didn’t find one. :thinking: Guess I will make one and see if I get learned :smiley:


Not sure why that is true. In theory, the rule from OP SHOULD work, or at least that’s how it’s been described in other posts. I have a rule to turn my inside cameras on/off overnight that works. It uses times, rather than sunrise/sunset but that shouldn’t matter.

Here is one using sunset/sunrise:


Yea I got learned :grin:… I’ve been stuck in my old way of doing things or just thinking there was no reverse method to the on/off schedule rule.

@Omgitstony has directed me into this being a possible bug with the WCO and sleep mode and the device not accepting the command. Looking some more and gonna test myself.


Maybe the op could try using actual times instead of the sunrise/set times and try and narrow down the bug… Try different combinations to see where the issue follows.


Well that would certainly hint at why my rules work but this one doesn’t. I don’t have any outdoor cams so no insight from me…


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Tested with a hard time rule for now.

2 WCO V2s
1 V1 and 1 V2 with Solar Panels
1 V2 Without Solar Panel

Cameras were off

Rule fired

Cameras Came On

Will look and see if they go off in the morning


What an absolutely ridiculous process. I agree with @WildBill, it should work. But mine wasn’t as it was set up. It makes no sense why this is necessary to do. There is work needed that’s for sure. I have now set it up with the 2 rules and actions. I shall report back to make sure it goes off at Sunrise!
Thanks for the help!

Hello @mhinc, appears as if I was wrong in my initial statement of “having” to create 2 rules. This is a long time misunderstanding on my part.

Not to say that this won’t work, as a work around, but the reverse action of the trigger should work with scheduled rules having a start and stop time.

This may just be a situation with the WCO and them sleeping to conserve battery. I am doing some more testing.

The 2 rules can get you by, but shouldn’t have to.

And as a follow up, the single rule with hard times (not sunrise to sunset) did turn the cameras off this morning.


New update. Cameras came on with the schedule again

@mhinc try your original rule with set time near sunrise and sunset rather than the 2 rules and see if you get the same results

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I am swapping my test to a sunrise/sunset rule now to see if they fail or succeed .

Thanks to all for your answers and help. For now what seems to work is the 2 rules. And whatever works I am going to stick with for now! So thanks again!

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