How to set on off schedule rule?

I have set a start time and an end time on my v3 but cannot get the programmed schedule to work (on at 7am off at 8pm)
Cant figure out what I may be doing wrong Can anyone please chime in as to what the proble might be?

Kind of hard to tell without more information. On and off for what? Can you submit a screenshot of the rule that isn’t working?

Like @WildBill asked, can you post a screen shot of the rule? Nothing is showing up like success or fail in rule history? Did the start time occur? Say it’s 3pm now, and I have a rule for a light to be in from 2p to 4p, I have to wait until tomorrow at 2 for the rule to trigger. Just because the timeframe is now, doesn’t mean the rule is active. Think of a rule with a start time and an end time as two rules, and rule with an action and the start, and then a rule with an action and the end time. Thanks in advance!

Thanks guys for your help
The rule I am trying to set is to have the camera everyrecording of events at 6:10am and end the recording of events at8:15. See attached capture

I have found that the camera is inefective at night because silk strands form in the camera’s view (spiders?) Light reflecting off of these strands triggers event recording many times an hour. As fast as i remove them, they reappear again a short time after.

The other problem is small flying gnats also cause numerous events throughout the night

That rule is to turn “on” the camera in the morning, and then "off"at night. When did you create this rule? Before 7am this morning? Are you wishing to have the camera record events to the cloud, or to the sd card? Local storage and cloud recording are operated Independant of eachother. Are you able to move the camera location so that the spider webs would be of less annoyance? Or maybe use a different illuminating light than the onboard IR, which should reduce big time the Spidey and insect events.

The rule you posted seems to just turn the camera on, not any kind of motion sensing. Do you have motion detection turned on so when the camera is turned off/on that it will resume with the camera?

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I see you have a V3. This is my rule to manage motion detection on my only V3. V2s have different settings.

Then how did you set a rule to notify you when the motion detection records a video?

If your individual camera settings have motion notifications enabled, you’ll get a notification.

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